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Can you get me on page one of Google?

According to Google, the only one who can guarantee you organic placement on page 1 of Google is Google itself. However, thanks to the search engine optimization tactics and Internet marketing techniques we employ our clients often get into the coveted spot in Google’s search results.

How much does a website cost?

How long is a piece of string? There is no set answer on the cost of a website as each one we build is customized to the needs and budget of each individual client. You will a clear understanding of what your website will cost before we get started.

How long does it take to develop a website?

We estimate that a 10-page website will take 4-8 weeks to go live. We find that the more involved our clients are during the development process, the quicker that process goes.

My cousin’s friend’s son does websites. why do i need you?

You should not look for bargains when purchasing parachutes, doctors and websites. Everything about your business – from your insurance to your billing – is professionally done. Your website represents your practice. Your online personality should be as professional as every other facet of your business and not left to those who do it as a hobby.

Will the website and marketing work you do turn my business around?

While we’re tempted to say "yes" knowing that’s what you’d like to hear, the truth is that a new website is simply an online extension of all your current marketing efforts. when all the other parts of your business are functioning successfully a new website can make a dramatic difference in driving new phone calls, new emails and new clients directly from the Internet.

Why do i need a website for my practice?

Your clients and prospects expect you to have a professionally designed and informative website. And in today’s world, a website is not only a place to be found but the way your prospects and referrals will vet your law firm and evaluate your practice. If they search and find either a sub-par site or no site for your law firm at all … you lose. They will just go on to the next attorney on their list.

I already have a website but need to update it. can you help?

Yes. We can update your content and images, revise the site navigation, fix broken links and generally maintain your website in a consistent and professional manner. More importantly, we’ll be there when you need us most.

I already have a website but it’s just not doing anything for me, what can you do to get it to produce leads?

There are many reasons a website may not be producing leads. We’ll do a deep dive into your website and examine its content, images, navigation, SEO tags, its overall position on the Web, and provide you with a detailed report of what needs to be done to bring your website up to current standards.

Who owns my website, me or you?

You do¹. We act as agents on behalf of our clients for all the work we do from creating websites to analytics accounts and claiming business profiles on search engines and online legal directories. Run away from anyone who does not give you complete ownership of your website and all online accounts.

¹Some parts may be open source or royalty-free license. Our policy is "No Strings – Full Disclosure".

I presently advertise on google and manage my adwords campaign myself. what can you do to get me better response than i’m getting now?

As authorized agents of America’s largest search engine marketing company, we can identify, through performance tracking data, precisely which keywords actually convert best to phone calls and emails, reducing your click costs and focusing your dollars on the keywords that convert the most.

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